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The Swiss International Leadership Camp & Academy, or SILC Academy, is a leadership institute of note, specialising in the best leadership programmes and exciting summer camps to develop students’ professional and personal skills.

We distinguish ourselves by designing and implementing leadership programmes characterised as fun-filled experiences with extensive feedback, reflection and evaluation.

Our student leadership series are developed in cooperation with some of the best schools around the world, talented students, and well known school councils.

Our training team is used to working with diverse groups of of people, teams and organisations, from industry entrepreneurs, to management trainees, and professional athletes. We use all that experience to help deliver this unique student leadership camp specifically developed for Champittet.

We have over 11 years of experience in the education industry and are proud members of a variety of international school organisations and councils such as the BSME, AAIE, EARCOS, ECIS and NESA. We work with students from some of the top schools in the world, helping them to unlock their potential through our school workshops, school camps, online masterclasses, summer camp and student leadership conferences.

Our programmes are specially designed using our SILC curricular framework to combine amazing activities and fun games alongside workshops and evaluations. This has proven to be a powerful means for developing student learning, responsibility, and leadership skills.

SILC Champittet Summer Camp

Collège Champittet - beautiful campus on Lake Geneva

Founded in 1903, Collège Champittet is a prestigious private school in the Lake Geneva area. Its large campus welcomes primary and secondary students and has a boarding school for up to 80 students. 

Collège Champittet has been known for its excellent academic level for more than 100 years and we have been running summer camps for over 10 years. Faithful to the values passed on by the monks who lead the school for decades, it is opened to the world thanks to the international dimension it has recently taken.

The school welcomes pupils from kindergarten through to the secondary classes and prepares students for the Swiss Maturité, the French Baccalauréat as well as the International Baccalaureate.

With a strong ambition and the conviction to help its pupils to grow and to develop their talents, Collège Champittet is ” A school of life “ which offers one of Switzerland’s most exciting summer camps.


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