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Learning Experience

Curriculum & Methodology

The Swiss International Leadership Camp or SILC curriculum is a pedagogically aligned syllabus developed over many years by our experienced team of educators in partnership with top private schools around the world.

Our programme integrates learning outcomes in fun group activities and outdoor challenges. As part of the process, students reflect on the experience with the help of our senior trainers, all of whom have extensive experience in the education industry working with young people from cultures around the world.

Leadership experience & personal development for all 

Our students are invited, encouraged, and challenged to develop their leadership skills throughout all activities, expeditions, and games. 

Every day students participate in a short workshop introducing an important leadership skill. They then practice that skill throughout the day’s activities and games as part of an experiential learning process in the Swiss outdoors.

All workshops are highly interactive, are delivered by educational experts, and include dynamic presentations, games, and team reflection. So, no dull classroom moments, but learning while doing!

We help the students learn to take responsibility, reflect and evaluate for themselves. As senior trainers, we work around the clock to share feedback on what was learned and how to apply those skills and competencies both at camp and in daily life camp back home.

Modules Overview

Through short daily workshops, students learn about important leadership skills and then put those skills into practice throughout the day during the activities.

Our leadership modules include;

  • Goal Setting
  • Making Choices
  • Constructive routines
  • Reflection and Evaluation
  • First Aid Training
  • Communicate & Connect
  • Etiquette & savoir vivre
  • Present & Convince
  • Ballroom & Latin dance
  • Conflict & Reconnect
  • Talent Development
  • Mountain safety
  • Team Work
  • Well-being & Healthy Habits

Champittet Summer Camp by Lake Geneva in Lausanne, Switzerland

Certificate and Personal Action Plan

Throughout the experience, our students are encouraged to identify personal goals and make a commitment to accomplish these during their academic, extra-curricular, and daily lives.

Students will also finish camp with a course completion certificate and an overview Personal Action Plan, including all competencies and skills learned. This can be a valuable tool for future development and a great way to show mentors at school, friends or anyone else what you have learned.

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