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As summer vacation approaches, parents eagerly seek enriching experiences for their children. Juggling work commitments while prioritising their children’s growth becomes paramount. Summer camps offer a perfect solution, providing a nurturing environment for children and teenagers to thrive.

However, navigating the vast array of summer camp options can be daunting. Whether choosing a theme-based camp or considering locations near or far, the decision-making process often generates more questions than answers. To alleviate this challenge, we present a comprehensive list to assist you in selecting the perfect destination and uncovering an enriching summer camp experience for your child this summer.

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The Top 20 International Camps

SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Camp – SILC Academy (Cannes, France)

Within the French Riviera, in Cannes, lies the Villa that hosts the SILC Creative & Entrepreneurial Summer Camp. This camp is an incredibly unique experience that teaches students a wide array of skills coupled with outdoor activities. From visual to performing arts, to photography and videography, to snorkelling in the Cote d’Azur and canyoning, all the activities are taught by professionals within their field and provide students with a deeper understanding of the world of content creation, filmmaking, creativity and more! 

Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp – SILC Academy (Gstaad Valley, Switzerland)

Located in Chateau d’Oex in the Gstaad Valley, the Gstaad Summer Leadership Camp provides an interactive leadership programme focused on honing into a variety of leadership skills designed to pave the way for student success. The camp provides a one-week, two-week, and three-week boarding programme at a traditional Swiss Chalet steps away from the scenic Swiss nature for ages 7 to 17. Each day a new adventure awaits with various exciting activities on land and in water. From river rafting and navigating the Via Ferrata, to a Glacier expedition and city excursions, students will enjoy a new activity each day while focusing on their self-development and growth. 

Champittet Summer Leadership Course (Lausanne, Switzerland)

At the prestigious Collège Champittet boarding school in Lausanne, the SILC & Champittet Summer Leadership Camp provides an unforgettable two-week boarding and day camp programme. Steps away from Lake Geneva, the camp incorporates a variety of interactive workshops designed for students to learn leadership skills such as collaboration, goal-setting, and communication, with daily adventures within and outside of the esteemed campus. From etiquette workshops, archery and zip lining, to an overnight mountain hut stay, hiking and a Glacier expedition, the programme provides a wide range of activities for students ages 11-17. 

Students hiking through the Swiss Alps at summer camp with wild cows

Camp Chateaugay (New York, USA)

Nestled in the picturesque Adirondack Mountains, Camp Chateaugay offers a serene and enriching environment for children to explore their interests and create lasting memories. From engaging in water sports to unleashing their creativity through arts and crafts, campers at Camp Chateaugay not only build friendships but also develop essential life skills in a supportive setting.

Summer Camp – Collège du Léman (Geneva, Switzerland)

Nestled between Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains, Collège du Léman is a boarding school that provides a diverse range of holiday camps for ages 4 to 18.  Camps contain a variety of activities, fostering personal growth in a supportive environment. Students craft their summer programme from a selection of engaging activities.

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Windsor Mountain Summer Camp (New Hampshire, USA)

Immersed in the beauty of New Hampshire, Windsor Mountain International Summer Camp provides a magical backdrop where children from diverse backgrounds come together to foster creativity and community. Offering a wide range of activities from arts to sports, campers at Windsor Mountain forge lifelong friendships and embark on exciting adventures in a nurturing environment.

LAS Summer in Switzerland (Switzerland)

LAS Summer in Switzerland offers two customisable programmes for students to tailor their summer experience, with options ranging from outdoor adventures to cultural immersion. Set amidst the Swiss landscapes, this destination ensures a great summer where students can explore diverse activities. With a perfect blend of adventure and cultural experiences, LAS Summer in Switzerland promises an unforgettable summer in a supportive environment.

Berkeley Summer School – Oxford Royale (California)

Berkeley Summer School – Oxford Royale is a prestigious academic summer programme held at the University of Oxford, known for its rigorous and engaging courses. Students have the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects, from STEM fields to humanities, under the guidance of expert tutors. The programme includes a variety of extracurricular activities such as debates, workshops, and cultural excursions, enriching the overall learning experience. Participants reside in historic Oxford college accommodations, immersing themselves in the university’s rich academic and cultural heritage

Camps Pillsbury (Minnesota, USA)

Camp Pillsbury in Minnesota, USA, provides a distinctive and customisable summer camp experience for children aged 6 to 17. Offering a wide range of programs tailored to individual interests, Camp Pillsbury ensures campers enhance their skills while creating lasting memories. This camp is a perfect blend of personal growth and fun, where campers engage in enriching activities that foster skill development and lifelong friendships.

ISSOS at St. Andrews (Scotland)

ISSOS at St. Andrews in Scotland offers high school students aged 13 to 18 a unique three-week summer programme at prestigious universities like St Andrews, Cambridge, and Yale. This transformative experience blends academic enrichment, outdoor exploration, and international exposure, fostering personal growth and new horizons. Students benefit from 45 hours of academic tuition, accommodation in exclusive halls, cultural trips, and more, creating a stimulating environment for learning and adventure in the historic town of St Andrews.

Rosenberg Summer Camp (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

Rosenberg Summer Camp in St. Gallen, Switzerland, offers a unique blend of innovative education and thrilling outdoor excursions. Campers engage in activities that cater to their interests, promoting curiosity and academic success in a fun and personalised environment. Students can participate in project-based classes like diplomacy & activism, environmental science and sustainability, fashion and textile design, fine arts, informatics & coding, performing arts, and robotics & engineering to enhance their skills and knowledge in various fields.

International Language Camps (French Alps)

International Language Camps in the French Alps provide an unforgettable summer experience set amidst the stunning natural beauty of Megève, a lovely village in the French Alps. The camp ensures excellence and safety, offering a comprehensive programme that includes language classes, sports, and activities. Students stay in an accommodation designed to promote language learning, skill development, and cultural immersion.

Ranum International Summer Camps (Denmark)

Ranum International Summer Camps in Denmark provide students with a unique blend of fun and academic challenge, offering a diverse range of activities that cater to both enjoyment and personal growth. Campers can expect a mix of outdoor adventures, academic subjects, extracurricular activities, and excursions to heritage sites in Denmark, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching summer experience. The camp’s focus is on providing a supportive environment with teachers and staff available at all times.

Summer Camp Highlander (North Carolina, USA)

Summer Camp Highlander in North Carolina, USA, offers a nurturing environment where children aged 6 to 16 build character and confidence through outdoor exploration and the formation of authentic friendships. Students  at Camp Highlander engage in a screen-free environment that fosters personal growth and the creation of lifelong memories. The camp provides various session options, including an eight-day session for new campers, two-week sessions, and a four-week session, allowing campers to tailor their summer experience based on their preferences and interests.

Lakefield College School Summer Academy (Canada)

Lakefield College School Summer Academy provides students with credit and enrichment programmes set in a natural waterfront setting, offering a unique learning environment that fosters personal growth and development. Students at the academy engage in a variety of activities, including outdoor learning, community-minded leadership initiatives, and transformative experiences that aim to enhance their skills and broaden their horizons. Additionally, the academy offers credit courses such as Culinary Arts, Dance, English, and Grade 9 Prep to cater to diverse interests and provide a well-rounded educational experience.

Timber Lake West Camp (New York, USA)

Timber Lake West Camp provides a traditional sleep-away camp experience that emphasises excitement, adventure, and the formation of lasting memories within a supportive community. The camp offers two distinct four-week sessions that allow students  to maximise their experience by pairing a session at Timber Lake West with additional specialty camps and family vacations, providing flexibility and a well-rounded summer camp experience.

Préfleuri International Alpine School (Villars, Switzerland)

Préfleuri provides a unique summer experience in a traditional Swiss chalet nestled in the Swiss Alps.  The school offers a safe and secure environment with extensive outdoor spaces, clean air, and a variety of sports facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis court, golf course, football field, and more, ensuring a well-rounded and stimulating summer camp experience for children aged 3 to 13. Additionally, Prefleuri International Alpine School emphasises child-centred education, small class sizes, personalised tuition, and a focus on development. 

Camp North Star (Maine, Poland)

Camp North Star in Maine is a family-owned summer camp catering to children aged 7 to 17. It offers a traditional overnight camp experience on 200 acres with a private lake. Campers have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities, including arts, athletics, enrichment, outdoors, and waterfront activities. The camp emphasises values such as respect, independence, caring, honour, and spirit, which form the foundation of its community. 

Les Elfes International Summer Camps (Verbier, Swiss Alps)

Les Elfes International Summer Camps provide a comprehensive camp experience for children and teens throughout the year. They offer a mix of sporting activities, language lessons, and excursions, in a traditional Alpine setting. The camp’s philosophy centres on providing various activities and experiences for campers. They provide outdoor and cultural experiences, as well as language classes. 

International Summer Camp Montana (Switzerland)

International Summer Camp Montana offers children and teens aged 8 to 17 a diverse adventure in the Swiss Alps. Campers participate in sports, language learning, and creative activities like archery, drama, and mountain biking. Optional language classes in English, French, and Spanish are available for an additional  fee. Accommodation is provided in the Moubra House and other on-site buildings, with essential amenities. The camp’s international community promotes global friendships, cultural exchange, and a digital detox experience in a picturesque setting.

The Advantages of Participating in a Summer Camp

Participating in a summer camp offers children and juniors numerous advantages, including opportunities for personal growth and cultural exchange. Students develop independence and teamwork skills through engaging in various activities with peers from diverse backgrounds. The supportive environment fosters self-discovery, empowering them to build confidence and resilience. Lifelong friendships are forged, enriching the camp experience and extending beyond the summer months. Overall, summer camps provide a transformative journey that leaves a lasting impact on children’s lives.

Summer camps offer students a break from the routine of everyday life, allowing them to immerse themselves in new experiences and challenges. Away from the distractions of technology and academic pressures, students have the opportunity to reconnect with nature, explore their interests, and unleash their creativity. This, in turn, fosters a sense of mindfulness and appreciation for the world around them, instilling a lifelong love for outdoor adventure, self growth, and exploration.

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